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GE T58 Turbo-Shaft Engine
General Electric T58-GE-3 Turbine Engine
T-58 Gas Turbine
T-58 Turbine Powered Boat
T58-GE-8F Turbine General Electric Turbo Shaft T58 Gas Turbine T-58 Turbine Engine Repair GE Helicopter Engine GE Turbo Shaft GE Turbo-Shaft T58 Turboshaft Engine T58-GE-8B turbine SH-3 Turbine Engine
T58 turbine powered boat Gas Turbine Turbine Engine turbine powered project Jp-5 Aviation Fuel Aviation Kerosene Helicopter turboshaft Helo Turbine
Helo turbine engine Aircraft Gas Turbine Powered by Aviation Gas Turbine Engine Turbine Powered Race Boat T58 offshore race boat General Electric Turbine Engine T-58 Kevlar racing boat Turbine offshore race boat

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Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to add any high-performance boating or marine related links.

Boating & high-performance marine parts links

Trick Marine has lots of hard to find, high performance marine parts.

Located on Cornet Bay, Marine Services serves the San Juan Islands and Northwest Washington..

Visit Ken at Pacific Surfaces Drives for Arneson Surface Drive parts.

Access America Marine Export Guide has lots of great marine equipment links.

Some great boating magazines & forums; Trailer Boats Magazine, Hot Boat, Power Boat Magazine, Scream and Fly, Offshore Only, Northwest Offshore.

Airmark International has great prices on aircraft fittings.

Skagit Valley College has an award winning Marine Maintenance Technology Department.

High-performance Cat models: Eliminator Daytona 28, Eliminator Daytona 30, Spektre 30, Spektre 32, and Skater 32

Lots of Boat Racing action can be found at: Offshore Super Series, Pacific Offshore, Offshore Performance Association,
Blue Water Offshore Racing Association, and Offshore Super Series Cat Lite racing

turboshaft boat engine

Here's a custom creation by John Triplett of Nothing But Customs.

American Offshore cat

This enclosed cockpit was custom designed to fit the 26 foot American Offshore cat hull which weighs 3,800 lbs. and has a beam of 8' 6".

This fully-enclosed cockpit greatly reduces wind noise and makes for a very unique ride.

American Offshore
American Offshore

This particular customers boat is awaiting conversion to turbine engine power.

turbine powered American Offshore cat

With T58 turbine power and an Arneson Surface Drive this unique vessel is expected to reach speeds in excess of 125 MPH!

American Offshore cat

Skater 30 cat

Here's a few recently released photos of the new Skater 30 prototype fitted with twin gas turbines.

Skater 30 cat

Turbine Skater Cat

This one's being rigged for twin Arneson Surface Drives (ASD7) and is expected to reach 140 mph!

Turbine powered Skater cat

turboshaft boat engine

Ron Jones ET Boat

Dennis Fisher restored an original Ron Jones ET Boat and is currently converting it to T58 turbine power.

Turbine Powered ET Boat

turbine boat engine

Some of my favorite online sources of information relating to high performance boating include; Trailer Boats Magazine, Hot Boat, Power Boat Magazine, Scream and Fly, Offshore Only, Northwest Offshore. And if you find the need for formal training, I suggest you checkout the classes available at the Skagit Valley College Marine Maintenance Technology Department, The Northwest Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing and Technology or your local Community College.

Here's a video of an offshore race boat screaming along at 202 mph! (turn up your speakers)

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