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Many other folks have put turbines to work in their projects

I find it interesting to see what other 'turbine guys' have created.

In my travels around the Internet I found many folks had successfully applied 'turbine technology' to their current interests.
Here's a few interesting links I found and some photos people sent me showing their turbine creations.

Jet GoPed

Tim Arfons has a turbine powered barstool, his family has set several turbine powered land speed records and one of his T58 turbines is installed in a VW Bug. Checkout Erics' turbine boats. Ken Warby has set a water speed record of over 300 mph in his turbine powered boat. Mark Nye has a turbine powered aluminum ski boat named Squirt 2. Steve Heard has a turbine powered air boat. The twin turbine powered Flash Gordon reaches speeds of 165 mph and here's a turbine powered jetski. Here's a 118 foot, triple turbine powered luxury yacht called the 118 Wallypower which cruises at 60 knots. The Miss Budweiser unlimited hydroplane gets a little too close.

jet powered chair
T58 Powered Jet Aircraft

Dino Tomassetti Jr. has a jet powered go-cart and a T58-GE-8F powered 30ft Superboat. Jay Leno has a turbine powered motorcycle and Marine Turbine Technologies has a few turbine powered motorcycles. Here's a jet powered go ped. Here's some odd turbine-powered stuff and a turbine powered motorcycle. Here's a 36,000 HP jet powered truck, a 57 Chevy twin jet truck, a turbine powered Dodge Charger, a Hemi-Jet powered Ford and a turbine powered Flatmobile.

Jet GoCart


There's lots of weird turbine creations to be seen online

Jet Car

Turbines have powered all sorts of strange 'ground based' creations including this jet powered beer cooler and pair of turbine powered riding mowers and some turbine powered cars. The Unlimited Hydroplanes have been running turbines for many years. See a twin turbine offshore race Boat. There are many very fast turbine powered vehicles at the The Speed Record Club and the Jet Web. Checkout Jerry's jet powered go cart. See Mark Nye's turbine runup videos.

If you can't afford to buy one, Mike Davis shows you How to build your own turbine engine as does the The Gas Turbine Builders Association and The Pulse Jet Page. Checkout Veron's Turbine Powered Golf Cart. If things get out of control, this Jet Powered Fire Engine will rescue you. Here's a Jet powered Wheel Chair and a 36,000 HP Jet Truck and a Jet powered Funny Car with 5,000 lbs of thrust. Gas turbines have been around a long time and the U.S. Navy even has turbine powered ships. A T58 turbine was even installed in a Military PS-1 ASW Flying Boat.

T58 jet powered bike

Boat Racing action can be seen at Offshore Super Series, Pacific Offshore, Offshore Performance Association, and Blue Water Offshore Racing Association.
Here's an impressive 202 mph boatride and a high speed pass. Here's a collection of fifteen Ridiculous Rocket and Jet-Powered Vehicles.
Jason is installing a 1600hp Turbomeca Turmo gas turbine in a 36ft aluminum Cougar Cat.


Lots of Turbine Videos are posted online

Rolls Royce Gnome turbine powered tractor pull

Online video is now 'coming of age' and there are many sites with lots of interesting turbine movies. This guy put two turbines on a bicycle. Here's a high speed pass by a turbine powered boat. Jay Leno fires up his turbine powered bike.

Here's some really wild Offshore Race Boat Crashes and here's a wild video of the Fat Boy Offshore Racing Team. Take a ride with Ken Warby in his 9,000 HP Jet Boat. Here's a Rocket Powered Bicycle and a 202 mph race boat. Here's a gas turbine powered Indy 500 race car, golf cart, tractor pull, S-10 pickup, and motorcycle. Here's some twin turbine powered boats: War Bird, Aqua Doll, Miss Geico, Marine Turbine Technologies, Bacardi Silver, Offshore Championship, and Poker Run.

Rolls Royce Gnome turbine powered tractor pull

Tim Harding has a T58 gas turbine powered white water race boat.

T58 powered white water race boat

He reaches speeds of 125 mph on the Rogue River in Oregon.

turbine powered go-cart

Here's a few more interesting gas turbine related videos: an F-14 breaks the sound barrier, and a flight deck crewman gets sucked down the intake of an A-6 aircraft. Here's a turbine powered mini-bike, bicycle, triple turbine truck, turbine powered dragster, another turbine powered bike, and a turbine powered S-10 pickup.

jet powered chair

Here's a jet powered bicycle, a rocket powered skateboard, and a Jet Powered Outhouse.

Turbine Powered Hovercraft

Check this Jet Powered Hovercraft, and jet powered monster truck.

Gnome Turbo-shaft engine


The T-58 and Gnome can easily be modified for thrust

T58 Turbine Powered Jet Bike

The General Electric T58 and the Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbine engines are easily converted to thrust and can be seen powering a Velocity Jet, a Burkut Jet, a Cozy, another Cozy, a Maverick TwinJet and a Sipa Mini Jet 200. Frank DeLia's T58 Jet Bike (shown on the left and right) is equipped with two afterburners (one for 'flames' and one for additional thrust). Here's another T-58 powered drag bike, another T-58 powered jet bike, a Twin T58 Jet Powered Toyota MR2, a T58 powered VW Bug, a T58 powered Venturi Motorcycle Streamliner, a T58 powered quad a T58 powered ATV, and a T58 powered funnycar.

T58 Turbine Powered Jet Bike
T58 Jet Powered Motorcycle

Frank was having a problem with his Jet Bike, so I took a break to help him out and get it 'back on the road'. After troubleshooting, I replaced the Fuel Control and made few adjustments. Now he can get full throttle again (and attain speeds in excess of 200 mph in the quarter mile). Pardon the background clutter in my shop; it's the housekeepers day off.

I fired it up for a few 'high power' turns in the driveway. No my neighbors don't mind; since I'm the one they call to replace the hot water tank, fix the outboard motor, troubleshoot the furnace, tune-up their boat, fix the roof, etc. More about Jet Bike.

T58 Jet Powered Motorcycle

This will blow you away; here's a video of a guy who straps two jet engines onto his ankles and goes flying!
This guy straps on a composite wing with four turbines and jumps out of an airplane!

We have T-58 & Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbines available to power your project.
We also have starters, manuals, instruments, and gearboxes for T-58 and Gnome gas turbine engines.

Some tips for your starting on your own Turbine Powered project

I get a lot of e-mail's asking the same thing: "I have a 1963 Whatever-U-callit and want to put a turbine in it. What turbine do you recommend?"
I can't begin to guess what turbine may work for your application. But I can offer a few tips that may help you get started.

Identify your horsepower requirements and size constraints. Here's where your 'homework' will pay off. Don't put yourself in a situation where you're trying to cram a long turbine in a tight space (like under the hood of your car). Don't end up with a 'monster turbine' that only puts out a fraction of the power you need or one that outputs a high RPM when you need a slower output.

Research and identify what turbine models may suit your needs. There are many online sources for jet engine specs where power, weight, and size can be compared. Another list of aircraft engine specs. Narrow your preferences to a handful of makes/models and make a list by model number. Learn the details of those models; is the output shaft on the 'cold end'? Does the exhaust exit the side? What is the idle speed? Research your choices to see the details and review the specs of each one. You should end up with a short list of turbine models that will work for your application.

Now you can try to locate a turbine for your project. I recommend you contact and visit an aircraft salvage yard. You can also search the web to locate surplus, used, and new aircraft engine sources. You'll quickly realize the prices are 'all over the place' and there's a lot of junk mixed in with 'the good stuff'. Go see it in person or (if that's not possible) request lots of detailed photos. Do the photos show the turbine engine sitting in the dirt? Are all the protective covers properly installed? Does it look like the housekeeper has been on vacation? Or was the housekeeper fired last year? Be sure and ask lot's of questions: When was the last time it actually ran? Does the seller warrantee the turbine? What parts are missing? Will it be properly crated (covers installed, all openings sealed, wrapped in plastic sheeting) for shipment or just 'strapped to a pallet'. Was it properly preserved after it last ran? If the seller gives you a blank stare, you'd better run as fast as you can out the door.

Once you purchase your turbine, ensure you get your hands on all the correct publications (maintenance manual, operators instructions, safety bulletins, etc.) and take the time to become familiar with standard aircraft maintenance practices and safe operating procedures.

Gas Turbine Failure

Before you attempt to start your turbine, ensure you are familiar with all safe operating procedures. Safety is paramount. Seek out the advice of a 'local expert'. Ask lots of questions to ensure things are setup correctly, procedures are followed, and safety guidelines adhered to before someone gets hurt or property gets destroyed.

Follow standard Aircraft Maintenance Procedures while designing your turbine powered project. If you are not familiar with Aircraft Maintenance, take the time to see how things are done and seek the help of those who are experienced with each system (fuel, electrical, hydraulic, etc.).

Gas Turbine Failure

This list is not designed to cover all areas. It is merely designed to 'stimulate thought' and get you thinking about safety. Don't 'cut corners' or sacrifice quality. Do the job right the first time, correctly, and safely. Follow proper, established aircraft maintenance procedures. Know your limits and ask questions from someone who has aircraft maintenance experience.

Let's be safe out there!

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