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TIG Welder Cabinet and other shop improvements

I needed a cabinet to stow all my welding stuff in so I finally took the time to fabricate one to suit my needs.

I started with a Microfiche cabinet I got from the local "New and Used" store. It has heavy ball-bearing, roller drawers that are very long.

It was missing a couple drawers, so I cut it in half and removed a section. I ended up with two 'cabinets' with six drawers each. I added a 'shelf' on the back for a couple bottles of gas.

I wanted my Lincoln Precision TIG 185 in an 'easy to reach' position. After sketching out my idea I made another trip to the Scrap Yard for a load of steel.

I got an ATV wheel rim from the dumpster at the local tire shop. Split in half it makes a great hose rack.

Here's the completed cabinet. It rolls nicely with swivel wheels in front and a couple larger wheels in back. Now I have lots of room for rod, tips, accessories, etc. I was not concerned about its overall size as it will not leave the shop. A little 'Hammerite' paint makes it look pretty respectable.

The welder slides out the rear for maintenance. A piece of old counter top covers the cut edge for the new top of the cabinet. That bottle looks a little small on the back, but I've got enough room to add another even taller bottle when the time comes.

Here's a couple Quicktime movies demonstrating proper welding technique.

Check out this monster lathe

I recently went to a local auction of a boat shop that had gone out of business and was being liquidated. Note the styrofoam coffee cup in the photo on the left to get an idea of the size of this monster.

This monster lathe was used for turning ships propellor shafts up to 55 feet long and went for just over $12,000. I waited all day till we got to this machine room so I could bid on a couple of hoists. I won both one ton electric hoists that were mounted on jibs over this lathe. They will soon be mounted in my boat storage building for lifting my boat off the trailer.

We have T-58 & Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbines available to power your project.
We also have starters, manuals, instruments, and gearboxes for T-58 and Gnome gas turbine engines.

While I was at it, I made some additional shop improvements.

This bottom cabinet was part of a desk that I picked up at the local recycling center. I added some locking swivel wheels and the laminated top. Now I've got a strong surface to which I bolted my bandsaw and bench grinder. There was enough room behind the saw to mount the motor. I fabricated a belt guard to cover the drive belt. I've got plenty of room below to stow my 'junk'.

The local "New and Used" store also had this laminated table top that appears to be "leftover from the sixties". It became a nice work surface after I bolted it to my steel work table (also from the local recycling center) and added my Wilton vice (with a fresh coat of Hammerite paint so it fits the decor). It's almost 'too nice to work on'. Almost, but not quite. :-)

I figured out where the Grizzly Tool Store is located and decided to replace a few of my powertools.

After running a local ad, the first guy to respond left with a 'full load'. While his car was not quite loaded this bad (we did cram a lot of tools into it), I could not get this image out of my mind. (photo used with permission)

My new Grizzly G0580 Wood Bandsaw and Grizzly Bench Grinder work well together on this enclosed stand.

I really like my new Grizzly G9742 Metal Bandsaw as it features a really slick swivel head for angular cuts (from -45 degrees to +60 degrees) and a pneumatic cylinder to adjust the rate of cut. A cut down microfiche cabinet provides lots of storage and rolls well on swivel casters (so I can pull it out for cutting the 'big stuff').

My old Craftsman drill press got used quite a bit, so when it sold I upgraded to this floorstanding Grizzly G7948 Drill Press.

My new Grizzly G1183 Combination Sander works well on this set of drawers (cutdown microfiche cabinet) mounted on two angle iron support rails (to keep it stationary). I should have taken the photo after the drawers were back in (now it's shoved back into the corner).

I like stowing some of my 'junk' in surplus milk crates, so naturally I wanted to incorporate them into the design of my Grizzly G4011 Sheet Metal Machine cart. This took me a couple hours to fabricate out of my scrap steel pile. Short enough to roll under my shelf (when not in use) this cart provides a firm base for shearing, rolling, or folding sheet metal in addition to providing great storage for my 'stuff'.

I picked up this cart at the local recycling center (in pieces). After cleaning it up, I realized it's a Snapon. Now reassembled it's working as my welding cart and tool tray. I added a set of locking wheels, angle iron along the side, and a vice so I can TIG weld whatever I need.

I also acquired an EMCO Compact 5 precision machining center. This unit is in perfect condition and includes the vertical milling and drilling attachment and all accessories available for this tool system. Now I can turn/mill my brackets and whatever I need for my ongoing turbine powered boat project.

I also have the facilities to remove corrosion in my sand blasting cabinet. My vacuum cleaner keeps the dust cleared so I can see clearly through the top window. It's internally lit and large enough to fit an engine block. A pressurized vessel holds sand powered by my 220V, 60 gallon compressor.

I've been looking to get a little larger lathe and I happened across this Shopmaster Bridgemill 3 in 1. A local retired machinist bought it new and made me a great deal (complete with measuring tools, accessories, and all the cutters I'll need to get started). Now I'll be able to properly fabricate brackets for installing my turbine.

Please take a look at my "items wanted" list.

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