We Perform Custom Gas Turbine Work

Over the years we've done a lot of unique, 'one off' custom projects powered by a variety of gas turbine engines

This little GTP70-52 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) was pulled from an old warbird and brought back to life.

GTP70-52 Auxiliary Power Unit

The power take off (PTO) is rated at 160hp currently drives a massive 400 Hz generator. It's on its way to power a 15ft hovercraft.

Garrett GTP70-52 gas turbine engine

Tested and properly serviced, this GTP-70 is ready to provide years of dependable service.

After mounting the gas turbine in the hovercraft, an exhaust nozzle will be fabricated (where the old heat exchanger provided cabin heat throughout the cabin of the warbird while on the ground).

The old 400HZ generator housing will be 'gutted' and machined to hold the pulley cluster (used to power the v-belts turning the hovercraft lift and propulsion fans).

Gas Turbine Auxilliary Power Unit

A throttle was specially designed to allow reliable control of the engine speed from 40% rpm on up to full power (100% rpm).

Gas turbine power plant

Stainless steel braided hoses, high temperature adel clamps and aircraft grade components are used for safety and reliability.

Custom wiring harnesses designed to meet your specifications

An electrical connector is rebuilt for an aircraft engine (Right).

Custom aircraft wire harness repair

Several safety circuits were added to meet the clients requirements.

aircraft wire bundles

A custom aircraft engine electrical harness is laid out and rebuilt for a gas turbine engine (Left).

All electrical connectors (commonly called 'canon plugs') are rebuilt (desoldered, tinned,
new aircraft grade wires soldered in, and sealed with potting compound) for Mil-Spec reliability.

We provide custom gas turbine repair and installation services by the hour, or bid by the job

We also troubleshoot, repair, and install gas turbine engines.

Gas Turbine hot section inspection

Here we're performing a 'hot section' inspection on a T58-GE-16 gas turbine engine that powers a 29ft Sanger Alley Cat.

Contact us if you'd like assistance with your gas turbine project

T58 Turbine parts are available

T-58 starters are available. If you're working on a T-58 turbine project you already know how difficult these are to find.

We've sold lots of these to satisfied customers and still have a few more.

We've got brand new, sealed cases of Mobil Jet Oil II 24 quart cans of aircraft oil for the blowout sale price of $275 case. Approved for use in 98% of gas turbine engines flying today, these cases are in-date and airworthy.

Mobil Jet Oil gas turbine lubricant

We have the correct electrical connector (canon plug) to fit the Percent RPM Indicator and the Tachometer Generator. These are brand new Mil-Spec.

Aircraft Instrument Electrical Connectors

Contact us for any additional gas turbine engine parts you may be searching for.

A Rolls Royce Speed Decreaser Gear (SDG) is available. With a 3.25:1 reduction, this monster is specifically designed to handle the tremendous torque of the T58 turbine. These gearboxes are available with output to the rear (as shown) or with the output facing forward. More details on the SDG

We have running T-58 and Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbines for sale

Several running T58 gas turbine engines are available for sale. These engines are ready to install in your turbine powered project as they have already been run on our test cart.

Running Rolls Royce Gnome turbine engines are also available. Regardless whether you select the General Electric T-58 or the Rolls Royce Gnome, these monster turbines are perfect for your tractor pull, drag car, jet bike, or turbine powered boat project. We've also sold quite a few converted to thrust for powering experimental aircraft.

We also have Auxiliary Power Units (APU) and Ground Power Units (GPU) available for your gas turbine powered projects

Small gas turbine engines are ideal for go carts, quads, golf carts, bikes, and whatever else you can dream up.
Our personal turbine training and years of Aircraft Maintenance experience will help to ensure your turbine project will be a complete success.

We've taken the worry out of the turbine purchase process.

We demonstrate how well our motor runs by starting it on our test cart right in front of you.
A current Oil Analysis Test and factory service manual are included.

We also include an entire day of personal operator training given one-on-one by our Master Training Specialist with every turbine engine purchase. If you are new to turbines, you'll find this training invaluable; you'll become intimately familiar with the 'start sequence', will gain the skills necessary to safely operate your gas turbine engine, and will know exactly how to react in an emergency situation. Plus, with access to 20 plus years of Naval Aircraft Maintenance experience, we'll personally address any concerns you may have regarding the installation, operation, or maintenance of your gas turbine engine. Safe turbine operation is our goal.

This is a complete package. There are no disappointments, and no surprises.

An Oil Analysis Test is used to document the current internal health of an engine by screening for microscopic traces of metal at a certified laboratory.

Aircraft instruments for the T58 and Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbine engines are for sale

We have overhauled, brand new, and 'working pull' Tachometer Generators (Tach Gen) and matching Percent RPM Indicators.

We also have electric Oil Pressure Indicators (and matching transmitters). Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) indicators are also available along with the correct Alumel/Chromel wire.

We also have overhauled electric Oil Temperature Indicators (and matching transmitters).

Hard to find sets of new Electrical Connectors (Canon plugs) are also available.

We've completed the research to ensure these indicators are compatible with your General Electric T-58 turbine or Rolls Royce Gnome engine.
Instrument purchases include wiring diagrams and installation instructions.

Aircraft Maintenance Manuals for the T-58 and Rolls Royce Gnome turbines are available

The Rolls Royce Gnome Maintenance Manual is available in A4 paper format (8.5" by 11"). This publication includes sections detailing; Description and Operation, Unpacking and Preparation for Operation, Starting and Ground Running, Maintenance, Preservation/Packing and Storage. Plus detailed discussions of the specific engine subsystems (fuel, control, oil, inlet guide, indicating, air, ignition, and starting systems). Overall, it's a very well written manual with many color 'tri-fold' diagrams and charts to further support the text. I've used it as a reference guide for the Rolls Royce H1200 and H1400 turbine engines (it also covers the other model Gnome engines in the series). Published by Rolls Royce it's interesting to see the British style of writing is slightly different than standard US Aircraft terminology. I can almost hear the British accent :-)

And the extremely rare Rolls Royce SDG Maintenance Manual is also available in A4 paper format. This publication includes sections detailing; description, operation, maintenance, and lube oil system.

Direct from Rolls Royce Limited Small Engine Division we have the Aero Engine School Instruction Course Material (Instructors Guide and course notes) for Servicing and Maintaining the Gnome Gas Turbine available in A4 paper format. This publication has unique insight into the Gnome with detailed sections discussing; engine construction, lubrication system, air system, fuel system: hydro-mechanical, fuel system: electrical, ancillary equipment, coupling gearbox, engine starting, and maintenance. With lots of charts, diagrams, schematics, and fold outs this manual will delight any gas turbine enthusiast.

The General Electric T58 (series) Engine Overhaul Manual is available in A4 paper format with 504 pages. It's well organized and has sections covering: Special Tools, Maintenance, Periodic Inspections, Preparation for Storage or Service, Repair and Replacement of Engine Components, and Overhaul. I had difficulty with a T58-GE-3 motor and found it has a great troubleshooting matrix. By following the guide I was able to T/S down to a bad fuel manifold and correct the problem. It also has an outstanding 'start checklist' that I've condensed and use for all my turbine engine starts.

The GE CT58-110-1 Overhaul Manual (over 1100 pages) is available in A4 paper format.

The General Electric T58 SDG Maintenance Manual and the T58 (series) Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) Manual are also available in A4 paper format.

We also have the T58/CT58 (series) Training Guide 200+ pages, in A4 paper format. This goes much more in depth on individual engine systems, explaining the theory of operation, principles of design, how they perform and interact with the other systems. Has sections covering: Description, Airflow, Lubrication, Electrical, Fuel System, and Fuel Control. Applies to the T58 and CT58 (series) turbine engines. The GE SDG is also covered.

We also have the Pratt & Whitney PT6 (series) Maintenance Manual two volume set in A4 paper format.

You can contact me by e-mail.


I'm always looking to purchase Gas Turbine Engines

Running or not, complete, or just parts, let me know what you've got

I'm especially interested in Lycoming T-53 and T-55 gas turbine engines,
any GE T-58 turbine engine, parts, starters, Speed Decreaser Gears (SDG),
and Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbine engines

If you have any available or know where there may be anything turbine related for sale, please contact me.


I'm interested in learning about the early race days of the Cobra Terminator since this is the hull I'm using for my turbine powered boat project (shown on the left). I've searched and searched, but just can't seem to locate any details of Peter Casini's many race victories with this boat. I understand there may have been a review on the Cobra 3000 Terminator Cat by one of the major boating magazines, but I've been unable to identify which issue, let alone locate a copy. If you have any info relating to the early history of the Cobra Terminator (likely in the early to mid 90's time frame on the East Coast of the United States) please contact me. I'd like to be able to add details of the race history of this wonderful hull to my story.

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