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T-58 Gas Turbine
T-58 Turbine Powered Boat
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Welcome to www.TurbineFun.Com

Designed for Commercial and Military duty, we put aircraft turbine engines to work powering the 'fun stuff'!

Turbine Powered Project

The images and text on this web site are posted to tell the story of my T-58 turbine powered boat project and are for entertainment purposes only.

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This web site is not intended as a substitute for qualified personnel following authorized maintenance procedures as detailed in the prescribed maintenance manuals for that specific equipment. I realize that's quite a mouthful, but I firmly believe every word of it.

Gas turbine engine
See Fred's T58 powered Sanger Alley Cat

The T58 turbine engine and other high-performance equipment discussed here is very dangerous and is intended to be installed, operated and maintained by experienced, qualified personnel only.

Personal safety is paramount. The requirement to follow proper, established procedures while operating any turbine engine cannot be overemphasized. We are not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur.

By visiting this web site you acknowledge and agree to these terms and specifically agree to hold us harmless from any and all liability. Do not try this at home. The images, text, photos, and code on is web site is copyrighted. Reproduction of this web site in whole or part is expressly prohibited.

This web site is dedicated to turbine engines and turbine powered projects.

Surplus military turboshaft engines (helicopter engines) can easily be adapted to create turbine boats, jet cars, and many other turbine powered vehicles a few of which are showcased within www.TurbineFun.com

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military aircraft fuel system

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Gas Turbine Turbo-shaft Engine

You are welcome to add your T58 turbine powered boat or gas turbine project story or related information to my web site. Just e-mail it in and be sure to include lots of photos to show all the details.

You can contact me by e-mail.

As I post new content describing my turbine powered boat, I usually add it to the bottom of the page (so the story flows naturally from top to bottom).

Gas Turbine Engine


Turbine Fun is all about my

T-58 Gas Turbine Powered Boat

WARNING: we support radical gas turbine powered leisure activities

We now average over 4,000 visitors per month!

T-58 Gas Turbine powered race boat
AwlGrip polyurethane topcoat
Custom triple axle boat trailer
The Arneson ASD8 Surface Drive is one of the few drives that can handle 1400 HP

T-58 Gas Turbine powered race boat

This story begins with My Turbine Dream

T58 powered Jet Bike lights off

We have Gas Turbine engines and parts for your project

Gas Turbine Engine
Gas Turbine powered Cat
Jet Engine Repair Shop

All about the Cobra Terminator offshore race boat

Boating the San Juan Islands in northern Puget Sound

Flying my Dynafoil around the lake

My 26ft by 44ft Boathouse is now 'hard at work'

Applying the topcoat on my 30ft Cobra Terminator

Here's a movie of a Gnome H1200 turbine engine running on the cart

My Turbine Powered Boat Project is powered by a T58-GE-8F gas turbine.

A closer look inside the ASD8 Arneson Surface Drive

The Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbine engine is a cousin to the GE T58 Gas Turbine

Here's some really wild Turbine Powered Projects

surplus military jet engine
Gas Turbine Powered Jet Motorcycle
Gas Turbine Powered Jet Creations
Working on Jet Bike

The T-58 Turbine Engine has been powering helicopters for over 50 years

Repairing the composite transom on my Kevlar Race Boat

A tour of the Speed Decreaser Gear (SDG) for the T-58 gas turbine engine

A closer look at the T58-GE-3 Turbine Engine

I reworked my triple axle 'South Florida Trailers' and tow vehicle

Checkout this unusual Aqua Car

T-58 Gas Turbine powered race boat

My Kevlar Cobra Terminator 30' offshore race boat

Gas Turbine Engine Fuel and Lube Oil Requirements

We have T-58 starters, instruments, manuals and gearboxes available

Gathering parts for my T58 Turbine Powered Boat conversion

This is the Special Tool used for torquing the T58 turbine gearbox mounting studs

Turbine boat Stainless Braided Hose Assembly tips

Some High-performance Boating and Marine Supply links

Really wild Offshore Racing crashes: Dialup and Broadband

Inexpensive Powder Coating unit setup and tips

Updated: Turbine Powered Honda CRX added hydraulic drive

A look at the Garrett GTP30-67 Gas Turbine

Useful welding and metalworking links

A TIG Welding Cabinet for my Lincoln TIG185 welder

Check out the The Power of Vacuum

T-58 Turbine Powered Boat

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T-58 Turbine Powered Boat
Gas Turbine Powered Offshore Race Boat
Offshore Turbine Boat

Due to the increasing availability of surplus military aircraft jet engines, gas turbine power has opened up a whole other world of possibilities for gas turbine owners, race teams, and hobbyists alike.

turbine aircraft engine

Besides providing exceptional raw performance and reliability, these military gas turbine engines boast power-to-weight ratios that were unheard of only a short time ago.

With fuel consumption no more than a comparable blown big block V-8, rebuild cycles are several thousand hours (instead of just a couple hundred hours with a typical V-8 race engine).

Aircraft turbine engines give new meaning to the phrase "maximum adrenaline rush".

With no speed limits on the water, wide open throttle is limited only by the power of your turbo-shaft helicopter motor, by current running conditions, and your willingness to 'push your own limits'.

Now that I've retired, I'm tapping into my 'toolbag' of aircraft maintenance experience and boat building skills to assemble my own T-58 Gas Turbine Powered Offshore Race Boat.

T-58 gas turbine

This web site tells the story of my gas turbine powered adventure.

What an adventure it's been. I've made a lot of progress over the past several years on this 'long term' project, and now that my race boat is done I'm able to get out on the water for some turbine fun!

I enjoy operating my T58 turbine powered boat and helicopter motor powered projects immensely. I hope you enjoy my turbine story.

T58-GE-8F helicopter engine

Let's be safe out there. It's just like operating the turbo-shaft engine in a military helicopter: be sure to observe all safety precautions while running your gas turbine boat (or whatever other turbine powered project you've designed and assembled).

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