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Turbine engine jube oil

About Aircraft Turbine Engine Oils

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding authorized oils for various turbine engines.
After conducting quite extensive research on the topic, I decided to condense my notes and post it online to share with others.

Gas Turbine synthetic oil

The first rule is; always refer to the Maintenance Manual. Authorized lubricants are clearly listed. If the primary is not available, use an alternate.

There are two basic types of aviation gas turbine "Mil Spec" oils (specially formulated to meet strict military standards);



Lubricating oil, synthetic base, for aircraft turbine engines. Formerly designated as MIL-L-7808

Lubricating oil, synthetic base, for aircraft turbine engines.

Operating lubricating oil for aircraft turbine engines, helicopter transmissions and accessory equipment.

Operating lubricating oil for aircraft turbine engines, helicopter transmissions and accessory equipment.

Designed for low temperature environments (such as Arctic, Antarctic, and high altitude operations), their viscosity allows for cold starting down to -51C. Used by the US Air Force as well as many foreign militaries.

More widely used and allow cold weather starts down to -40C. Used by the US Navy, US Army, US Coast Guard as well as many foreign services.

One advantage to using "Mil Spec" oils in your gas turbine is the ability to 'mix brands'. I usually stay with one brand oil, but in the case of 'Mil Spec' oils, any brand is the same as the other (with the same Mil Spec number).

Aircraft turbine lube oils

The formulations between 'Mil Spec' oils and commercial oils are very similar. In fact, the 'Mil Spec' number can easily be cross referenced to it's commercial 'brand name' and type counterpart. Commercial oils must have approval of the engine manufacturer to be used in each engine model through an extensive bench and flight testing evaluation process that costs millions and can take up to ten years to complete. This is why there are only three major producers of turbine oil; Air BP (was Exxon), ExxonMobil (was Mobil), and Shell.

Aircraft lube oil compatability

Although my gas turbine Maintenance Manual does not direct flushing the lube oil system when switching from MIL-L-7808 to MIL-L-23699 or back, it is not advisable to mix these types of oil. Just pick one Mil Spec type and stick with it.

Do not use gas turbine oils in any internal combustion engine!
There is very little similarity between this gas turbine application and the lubrication requirements of a typical internal combustion engine. Jet turbine oils aren't exposed to the byproducts of combustion. They are primarily designed for excellent, extreme temp viscometric performance with thermal and oxidative stability. Gas turbines have no blow-by and virtually no highly loaded areas. Gas turbine oils are very thin, have no detergents or dispersants, and act more like a coolant than a lubricant.

We have T-58 & Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbines available to power your project.
We also have starters, manuals, instruments, and gearboxes for T-58 and Gnome gas turbine engines.

Turbo-shaft engine oil

T58 Turbine Engine Fuel and Lube Oil Requirements

In accordance with the Fuels for USAF Manual, most military turbine engines will run on almost any 'Kerosene based' Dinosaur fuel including; Kerosene, JP-8, JP-5, JET A, or JET A1. Diesel is also acceptable although you should mix it with about 25% gasoline to reduce the smoke. I set my Fuel Control to "JP-5" so I can use either Kerosene or JP-5 without further adjustments. Complete Fuel Specifications and Standards are online at the International Association for Stability, Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels.

Aviation Kerosene JP-5

My T58-GE-3 Maintenance Manual NAVWEPS 02B-105AHB-2/T.O. directs the use of MIL-L-23699 synthetic lube oil in this motor. I use Mobil Jet Oil II since it meets MIL-PRF-23699 specifications (which superseded MIL-L-23699) and is approved by General Electric for use in all their turbine engines.

The latest approved Turbine Oil MIL-L-23699E contains improved corrosion inhibitors and is recommended to replace MIL-L-23699 as stocks are depleted. Also available under NSN 9150-00-985-7099.

Sythetic Aircraft engine Oil

Aircraft Gearbox lube oil

Rolls Royce Gnome Turbine Engine Fuel and Lube Oil Requirements

Aviation Kerosene JP-5

Rolls Royce requires fueling the Gnome with "Aviation Kerosene" or approved alternate fuels. Complete Fuel Specifications and Standards can be seen online at the International Association for Stability, Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels.

Mobil Jet Oil II is approved by a long list of turbine engine manufacturers (including Rolls Royce) for use in all their turbine engines.

Aircraft Turbine Oil

The Rolls Royce Gnome H1200 Mk660 Type Certificate authorizes the use of Exxon Turbo Oil 2389 which crosses to MIL-L-7808.

Mil-L-7808 specs

MIL-L-7808 is readily available so I used it to service my pair of Rolls Royce Gnome H1200 turbines.

Aircraft synthetic oils

Please take a look at my "items wanted" list.

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gas turbine oil

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