I finally identified this special tool

I searched for over eight months in an effort to locate a purchase point of contact or identify the correct part number of item 4!

I'm getting ready to torque my Speed Decreaser Gear (SDG) mounting bolts in a really tight spot. My Maintenance Manual calls for a "offset tool 90 geared drive" and describes this arrangement (shown in the diagram below) for reaching in and torqueing the bolts, but does not clearly identify item number 4 (as shown in the diagram) by part number or manufacturer. It appears to be a 90 gear drive extension.

I've checked with various tool shops and tool suppliers and all I get is a 'blank stare'. I've also 'Googled' every phrase I can think of again without success. Do you have any idea who sells this tool?

Thanks to all who suggested I try tools by CalVan, Sidewinder, and Skew Products.

I ordered the Blackhawk tool and am exploring the possibility of removing the handle to add a female 'square drive' (so I can attach my torque wrench)

Thanks to Tom (a fellow retired Navy Chief), I've finally located the correct wrench.

I usually consider these Turbine Engine Maintenance Manuals to be very complete, but in this case they omitted all information on this wrench. Thanks again to all who provided information and 'leads'.

It's called the the Reechet Wrench made by Port Clinton Manufacturing Co. and is produced in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" drives. Mine arrived and appears to be well designed and assembled of high quality components. Now I can reassemble my Speed Decreaser Gear.

In addition to the usual hand tools, I've collected (and fabricated) an assortment of 'special tools' that have proved valuable for getting in those 'hard to reach' areas.

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